Dear Gloriana Supporters...

For 40 years, you have helped Gloriana Musical Theatre bring the Broadway experience to the Mendocino coast. I need your help to make 2017 a great year for the arts and education community.

I am proud to update you on the improving financial status of Gloriana. As you know, we faced a financial challenge last August that threatened to permanently close our doors. With your contributions, we were able to ensure that we keep our home at Eagles Hall Theater, offset costs of our productions of Peter Pan, Once Upon a Mattress, The Sound of Music and Cinderella, and cover our overhead costs for the remainder of 2015 and into 2016. To prevent future financial hardship, we are working with a professional nonprofit consultant, Catherine Marshall, and have created a three-year projected business plan with the goal of establishing a larger yearly budget, stronger youth programs, improved seating fixtures, and volunteer opportunities. Without your contributions, however, we cannot continue to be successful.

We were fortunate enough this year to be one of the recipients of the late Cordelia Shampanier's bequest. Our plan is to use as little of this money for operational costs as possible and, instead, use it to ensure the future growth of the company, investing it in improving our building, updating our sound equipment, purchasing microphones and acquiring new seating risers. We still need your help to cover annual operational costs.

It takes a minimum of $100,000 per year to produce and stage three full productions, with royalties alone totaling anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000, annual operating expenses of $30,000, materials and labor costs, and what small compensation we can provide our artists. Gloriana is currently an all-volunteer organization. Our primary long-term goal is to expand our yearly budget to $500,000 in order to allow for a year-round paid operations staff. A strong staff will enable us to offer you a wider variety of performing arts opportunities including classes, social events, and a re-established Young Performers program. With your help, I know we can reach this goal!

Finally, I am pleased to share with you the 2017 season line up. We open in April with a showcase of over 100 Years of Broadway! In July our Summer MainStage production is the most requested show from the community, Chicago, directed by David Strock. It will be one of our most ambitious productions yet. Lastly, we will close the season in November with the Young Performers production of Hurricane Smith, a hilarious adventure spoof. Visit our website at for audition information and to purchase tickets.

Your participation is very important to us! We are doing everything we can to provide an experience that everyone in our community can enjoy. Please take a few moments and donate.

Thank you for your dedication to Gloriana Musical Theatre!


Nicole Reiter

President, Gloriana Musical Theatre