Directed by Andrew Atkinson and David Kosonen

Directed by Andrew Atkinson and David Kosonen

Hurricane Smith

The setting is the stage of a school auditorium where a schlock film director is wrapping up his latest epic, ’Monster On Campus.’ Enter Gloria Daily, fresh from her creative writing class, with an Indiana Jones-like script under her arm.  Trailing behind her are members of the drama club who intend to ’act out’ the wild plot for the disagreeable film director.  And what a plot!  It concerns Hurricane Smith, famous explorer, whose mother was eaten by crocodiles and whose father disappeared in the Amazon jungles on a search for the fabled ’Garden of the Golden Monkey.’ Parentless, Hurricane is raised by a gorilla.  Twenty years later a mysterious foreigner delivers a ’Golden Monkey’ to Hurricane, and the young adventurer sets out to discover its meaning. 

The show will be performed at Eagles Hall Theatre from November 3 to November 12 with performances at 7:30 p.m on Fridays and Saturdays and Sunday matinees beginning at 3 p.m.

Admission is $18 for the general public, $16 for Seniors and $8 for youth (17 and under).

Tickets may be purchased online at, at Harvest Market in Fort Bragg or at the door of Eagles Hall Theatre prior to each performance. Advanced tickets available at

Be sure to join us for our Gala performance! On Sunday, November 5th following the performance celebrate with the cast and crew and enjoy yummy food, drink, dessert and more! Tickets are $22 for general, $20 for Seniors and $12 for youth (17 and under).

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Directed by: Andrew Atkinson and David Kosonen
Music Director: Jack Leung
Vocal Director: Jenni Windsor
Costume Design: Susan Collins
Producer: Nicole Reiter


The Cast:

Hudson Davis - Hurricane Smith

Maria Ramos - Linda Zest

Ashley Statham - Cobra Woman

Emiliano Ramos - Dr. Londonbridge/Another Cobra Native

David Olivera - Billy/Native #3

Saphia Statham - Hildegarde

Tasahra Brown - Miss Calcutta

Emerson Harris - Gloria Daily/J. Princess

Nicholas Windsor - Frank/Mysterious Foreigner/Old Woman

Katan Sosnovec - Eddie Diamond/Guard

Aislinn Quigley  - Myra / Native #1

Mariah Fierro - Dora / Cobra Native #1

Adrian Taylor - Millicent Van Upp / Cobra Native #2

Evan Statham - Buzz/Java Java/Native #2

Audrey Ferguson - Gutman

Ingrid Uluac - TV Camera Person

Rita Peña - Cobra Native #3